Massage by Katie Espy
Therapeutic Massage Center 650 C Peace Rd. DeKalb, IL (815) 751-8368

Comments from clients:

"Where do I even begin when talking about the ashiatsu experience with Katie Espy. She is simply one of a kind in many ways. For starters, I was skeptical about the modality performed. Like so many people, I thought "Ew, no way I'm letting someone's feet touch me!" After speaking with many people in the fitness community and being assured that the feet are sanitized per standard protocol, I made the long drive to DeKalb to give Katie a try - and I'm glad I did! 

I was truly blown away by not just her knowledge, but her overall personality and how she cares. She is not your typical Licensed Massage Therapist. She cares about her clients and understands more than the typical person. As someone who lifts five times a week and does mainly Crossfit, this was such an immediate impact on the body! I have done everything from graston/gua sha to cupping and deep tissue sports massages and even those don't work as much anymore. When it was time for a change of pace, I immediately booked with Katie and don't regret it! I have been on plenty of massage tables over the last three years and my experience was the only experience to date where I have felt an impact as great as the one I did. She may be tiny, but she is mighty!" ~ Ryan

"best n most thorough arm work I've ever gotten, hands down, and I've been to a handful of good ones!" R.G.

"I've had many different massages from various therapists all around the world, but NOBODY massages my neck the way Katie does. She is the best at neck work, and my neck loves her" - R.M. 

"Katie's work was both therapeutic and relaxing in that not only were my issues resolved, but I was able to relax at the same time and not feel that I was beaten or hit by a truck. I have already rescheduled for my next appointment." Troy S. 

"I'm an avid runner and came to Katie to get a massage to address specific issues I was having with muscle pain and soreness. I've been getting massages from Katie for almost a year now and the first thing I was impressed by was her desire to understand my specific needs, which she would research so she had more ways to provide further relief and improvement during my next visit. I'm also very impressed with her desire to continue to learn and grow as a massage therapist. She's recently begun training to become certified in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy... I had my first Ashiatsu massage and it was perfect for my back and leg muscles.

Whether I get a relaxation massage or go for a deep tissue massage, Katie adjusts perfectly to my requests. So if you are looking for a great massage in a relaxing setting, give Katie a call! I can't recommend her strongly enough!" - Mark S.

"Katie is the best massage therapist I have had (and I have loved getting massages for many years).  She actively cares about me as a client, wants to help, and wants you to leave your massage feeling renewed.  If you have a specific ailment, she has a wealth of knowledge about the human body that can help you, and if she does not know an answer she will research it and report back to you at your next appointment.  She is interested in continually improving her craft, as evidenced by her becoming certified in Ashiatsu foot massage.  She is tiny but strong, professional and personable, and provides value-driven services with reasonable prices.  I highly recommend trying Ashiatsu, or any treatment, with Katie." ~Jill T.


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